About Us

What is the Accountants Consortium?

The AC was established by a forward thinking group of founding members with the idea of working hand in hand with our accountant members and offering fully customizable and personalized payroll services. By doing so, AC is able to offer a higher quality of payroll services at a much lower cost than other companies.

All AC payroll service clients are identified and chosen directly by our accountant members. They decide which of their clients will benefit most from being part of the AC. AC is not designed to be a replacement for your accounting firm. Quite the contrary. We are an extension of your accounting firm. Our goal is to partner with your accountant and streamline the services that your accountant is already providing you. AC has excellent working relationships with all of our members to ensure that you are receiving first class service when it comes to payroll processing.

This affects every aspect of your business, not just payroll. AC compliments the services which are currently being provided by your accountant. There is greater integration with accounting programs and we take a full service approach in a very comprehensive manner.

About AC's Complete Payroll Service

  • How have we made offering payroll services so easy for you? AC has created a powerful cloud-based payroll processing center exclusively for our accountant customers. AC offers fully automated payroll services without any compliance headaches.
  • What are the benefits of working with AC? Through our Accountant-Centric focus, AC provides you with a no-hassle payroll system. AC will manage your entire payroll processing through our secure portal and provide total end-to-end payroll services.

In addition to our staff of Accountants, we employ a dedicated staff of accounting professionals with a wide range of qualifications in tax, accounting, payroll, IT specialists and business consultants. With such a deep bench, we can offer a broad spectrum of services to meet your needs.